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Press Kit

Click the image below to view and save a copy of the press kit for printing!

Instructions for the Press Kit!

It is beneficial that the information about your concert/church service get to the public as quickly as possible.
Newspaper, Radio, TV, and any other type of advertisement you plan to do should be done at least (longer if possible) two weeks before your concert.
A follow up advertisement can be made closer to the date.
Encourage your church congregation to help advertise the event, and by all means pray for this special event.

(1) Flier
Complete the information on the flier and print as many as needed for your advertisement.
Posters should be posted at the church and in businesses in the area.
Church members and attendees are usually helpful in posting fliers in the area.

(2) Letter of Agreement:
Complete the letter of agreement with pertinent information regarding venue, place, date and time, allowing at least 1 1/2 hours for setting up time before the concert/church service.

(3 & 4)
Bio and "About the Hendersons" have been included for your use in getting to know our group/ministry better.

(5) Directions Page:
Complete this form, as necessary.
It is very important that we have contact phone numbers during the time that we will be traveling to the venue in case of an emergency.

(6) News Release:
Download current picture from online and attach to the news release form, completing each blank with venue and date information. Take or fax it to the local newspaper according to deadline for submission.

(7) Faith at Works:
This form is designed for the Pensacola News Journal for those living in the Pensacola, FL area. However, could be adapted to any newspaper that have a church announcement page for short announcements.

Forms #2 (Letter of Agreement) and #3 (Directions Page) can be
Faxed to: 850-994-9855 or
Mailed to: The Hendersons, 5526 Barcelona Street, Milton, FL 32571

Our Most Important Message!
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